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Remote working with different systems

In this blog you’ll find tips how to work with different systems at the same time (Mac and Windows) with VNC (Windows to Mac) and with Microsoft Remote Desktop (Mac to Windows)

TI-84 TI-Python emulator and programming

No physical TI-84 needed
If you don’t have a TI-84 Python edition and you don’t want to buy one:
you can download emulation software from Texas Instruments, valid for 90 days:
TI-SmartView CE-T Emulator
And: don’t forget to download the manual as well: it helps!
It works the same as a real calculator with the TI-Connect Software.
You can develop your Python programs in an editor (see below) and directly upload them to the emulator.

If you’re looking for a way to edit the scripts on your desktop and upload them:
I recommend programming with Python (TI-Python), because it’s modern, easy to understand and easy to upload from your desktop to the TI-84 (or TI-84 emulator)

For TI-Basic programming
Download the TokenIde software
Before uploading to your TI-84 you have to tokenize the file (build – 8x – tokenize .8xp)
Wikipedia TI-Basic

For TI-Python programming
You don’t need any special software, simple work with .PY files and upload it with the TI-Connect software. I recommend using the Jetbrains Pycharm editor. For those who are familiar with Java and/or C# programming: it will look all familiar to you.

If you don’t want to install any software on your PC: that’s possible with https://replit.com
It works just fine, you can debug quite easily, but: it’s not Jetbrains software. The main, and big, advantage is, that you really mustn’t install any extra software on your PC.
I’ve made one of my github repositories compatible with replit: https://github.com/edleijnse/ti84python
But I advise you not to be too lazy because you will be 100 percent dependent on replit.com: you have to trust them: For mission-critical software, not a good idea!

TI-Connect software

The Python manuals from Texas Instruments are very hard to find, they’re probably hidden in some software bundle: if you know where, please let me know and I’ll replace the downloads with a link to the original PDF files (Sorry, Texas Instruments: you could do better than that if you want to make the TI-84 Python edition a real success story).
Here is a copy of the manuals in English and German: