Lightroom tips for tagging

This page describes what you have to do in Lightroom to make your keywording perfect,
You will find some useful tips here, e.g. “Be sure that your FileNames are unique”, “read Metadata”, “save Metadata”: as a regular customer you’ll have to do that too.

1. In Lightroom:
define User Preset “TaggerBiz”

How to define User Preset “TaggerBiz”

2. In Lightroom:
Be sure that your FileNames are unique

You don’t know how? See below: “How to make filenames unique in Lightroom

3. In Lightroom: Export your images to TaggerBiz

Important: Use User Preset “TaggerBiz” (see 1. In Lightroom define User Preset “TaggerBiz”)
Important: save your metadata for the selected images

4. Tagging in ImagineControlCentre

We’ll do the tagging at

5. Read Metadata in Lightroom

At a glance
1. Preparation – before tagging the data

  1. Make sure your drive with the image data is mapped correctly (e.g. e:\, e:\lightroom)
    If not: correct it, see below: “HOW TO Change Drive Letter in Windows”
  2. In Export: create User Preset “TaggerBiz”
  3. Check filenames in Lightroom
    (not showed in the video)
    Make sure your photos have unique names (ideally date-filename), if necessary you can rename them in Lightroom like this (date – filename):
    select the photos to be exported, then click on File Name <mixed> (on the right side of the screen) and choose Date-Filename:

2. The Tagger.Biz process

  1. Select the photos you want to export in Lightroom, select them all, then save the metadata to files
  2. Export from Lightroom into Input directory from TaggerBiz
    export to “Specific folder” : this must be the input directory, for instance: e:\\input
    check “Put in Subfolder”: and name the subfolder (in the video for instance: “insects”)
    Then click on Export..
  3. After the export you can prepare your package and send it to
  4. After receiving your package you can follow the instructions here.

How to define User Preset “TaggerBiz”

You only have to do it once! After you’re ready you will have a User Preset “TaggerBiz”

How to define User Preset “TaggerBiz”
In Export you can change the Export Location…

…the video settings..

…the file settings…
Minimum File Size: 100 K gives the best performance
1500 K gives the best image recognition

…and the Image Sizing…
W: 300 H: 300 gives the best performance
W: 1000 H: 1000 gives the best performance

Then Click on Add

And name the Preset “TaggerBiz” and click on “Create”

There are already Lightroom Presets defined: you can use them (Lightroom Presets) or you can create your won (User Presets)

How to make filenames unique in Lightroom

SUPPORT – HOW TO Change Drive Letter in Windows

Change Drive Letter

Sometimes, if you’re unlucky, it can happen in Windows that the drive letter of your external drive changed. In that case you’ll have to correct it, because Lightroom will not find the images anymore. Why can this happen? If you work with other external drives it could be that the other drives are already mapped to your original drive letter, there’s no chance to correct this easily, but you don’t have to be a computer engineer to fix this. The video will help you.

  1. Be sure you have admin rights for your account
  2. click on the Windows Start Icon and type “Computer Management”
  3. click on Storage, Disk Management
  4. look for the drive you want to change
  5. right click on that drive and select “Change Drive Letter and Paths..”
  6. You can select the new Drive Letter
  7. You’ll get a warning: “Some programs that rely on drive letters might not run correctly. Do you want to continue?” Select YES
  8. You’re done! You can check in the file explorer if you’re succeeded changing the drive letter