Synchronizing with Lightroom

Synchronize between Lightroom Web and Lightroom Classic

If you have questions about how to import from Lightroom Web to Lightroom Classic:
here is a link to Adobe’s FAQ. Important: you can only synchronize with one catalog at the same time because the sync history is saved in the cloud. If you have to start with a new laptop, it’s best to start with an empty catalog and then configure the syncing from scratch: you will be asked if you want to replace the former catalog data.

Lightroom Classic: Synchronizing between 2 PC’s

For all people who still work with Lightroom Classic, installed on more than one device (PC, Laptop, Ipad or Android device):
We all have this problem: you’re on Holidays, process your photos on a laptop. You’re coming home, how can you import the processed photos on your main computer.
The answer: work with exporting part of your catalog (right click on a collection),

Demo video

The video demonstrates exporting parts of a catalog (Gijon photos) and importing them later on another PC/Laptop with another Lightroom CC installed. It shows you what you have to consider while importing. If you want to try it yourself: start practising with a very small collection of 10 photos. Success!

How to synchronize in text
Below you find the same item described in text form, this time a collection named “Canada prints” is exported and imported.

after exporting your folder looks like this:

The photos are stored separately from the catalog (in the sample: 2023)
Now it’s possible to import this catalog part into another PC.

Choose file, Import from Another Catalog

A new dialog appears, make sure that your new photos are stored in your Lightroom folder, it could be another folder as used in your laptop.

Tip: practise first with only a few photos (10), to make sure everything works as expected.