WordPress – Webshop with Ninja Forms and NF Views

If you want to have a flexible Webshop where the shop owner can add easily products / payments: then read this post!

I’ll explain two different kind of solutions. The first solution uses Ninja Forms and NF Views, the second solution uses Envira Galleries and Stripe.

Some background information

I was looking for a possibility to use the integrated WordPress database as a data store and I came up with the following idea. I use Ninja Forms as a form builder. Ninja Forms stores all the submitted data in the WordPress database and you can view it in “submissions”: quite comfortable for a start.
But: I wanted more! I thought: wouldn’t it be possible to use this “submission” data store and build on top of it: first, some data views, later maybe reports as well.
I was looking for plugins that could possible help me to solve this problem, and then I found “nf views”, https://nfviews.com/ It’s a very nice solution, the drawback could be the price (if you want to have the complete solution with the possibilty to edit the data as well, it will cost you around 200 USD on a yearly base) But: it saves you a lot of time, so, finally I leased this plugin and so far I’m very happy with the plugin. You always have to consider, even as a private programmer, what is cheaper in the end: make or buy. Buying can save you a lot of headaches. And, if you work with WordPress and plugins: you are the owner/data provider: it comes with responsability but also with freedom: you are not dependent on Cloud providers like Microsoft or Amazon. And, if you have a reliable provider like I do (Webland in Switzerland), it makes a lot of fun to build solutions with WordPress.

Webshop with configurable products

In this solution the webowner can easily add or modify products.
You need to be an admin to configure the products.

Products overview
product image
payment with Stripe (VISA / Paypall)