TI-84 Python development sample

Preparation (optional)

Get sample code from GITHUB here

Open Pycharm (or another editor) and create a project from the GITHUB link
Tip: close all projects first

There are 2 files for the mastermind project: MASTR002.PY and test\MASTR002.py
The one in test\ is used for unit tests

Install the emulator software, see howto here

Deploying a .py file on the TI-emulator

Start the TI-Smartview emulator

Get the contents

Now you can copy the file MASTR002.PY to the emulator with drag and drop:

You’ll get the following dialog box:

Now the MASTR002.PY is listed and ready to run

Now you can run MASTR002 on the TI-emulator

To run the program, click on Y=

Now you can play the game as long as you want!

After ending the game you can click 2nd quit

and then GRAPH (red below)