Tagger.BIZ 2.0

Tagger.biz 2.0 offers new features:
– easy to install, no need for a virtual machine anymore
– runs on Mac, Windows, Linux and Raspberry (linux-arm)
– creates loadfiles for the EXIFTOOL from Phil Harvey
– runs faster, thanks to LINQ technology
– Keywords / Tags are all categorized: no need for preselection any more.

Overview of the workflow

Overview of the Architecture

Overview of the Details

Microsoft Vision
Tagger.Biz uses Microsoft Vision as a base for generating the tags.
All JSON Files (Output from Microsoft Vision) will be part of the delivery to the customer.

Tagger.Biz uses the famous EXIFTOOL developed by Phil Harvey.
To be completely transparant: Tagger.Biz generates Loadfiles for MacOs, Windows, Linux and Raspberry: you will receive all these loadfiles and you can check them.

Example of generated exiftool-data (one record for IMG_1685.jpg)
exiftool ‘v:\acdp/tagger.biz.work/output\IMG_1685.jpg’
-keywords+=with_faces -keywords+=Male_43 -keywords+=Male_42 -keywords+=Male_65 -keywords+=9_person -keywords+=9_clothing -keywords+=9_smile -keywords+=9_posing -keywords+=9_human_face -keywords+=9_outdoor -keywords+=9_standing -keywords+=8_man -keywords+=8_jeans -keywords+=8_jacket -keywords+=cat_3_people_ -keywords+=cat_2_people_group -keywords+=col_back_White -keywords+=col_fore_Blue -keywords+=col_White -keywords+=col_Grey -keywords+=col_Black -keywords+=description_a_group_of_people_posing_for_the_camera -keywords+=0_person -keywords+=0_posing -keywords+=0_outdoor -keywords+=0_standing -keywords+=0_man -keywords+=0_photo -keywords+=0_holding -keywords+=0_front -keywords+=0_people -keywords+=0_group -keywords+=0_camera -keywords+=0_smiling -keywords+=0_wearing -keywords+=0_skiing -keywords+=0_black -keywords+=0_woman -keywords+=0_pair -keywords+=0_table -keywords+=0_young -keywords+=0_snow -keywords+=0_sign