How to import generated tags in Lightroom and work with them

Introduction to Tagger.BIZ

Introduction Tagger.BIZ

What to do with my received collection

Your received collection looks like this:

There are two kinds of data in the collection

  • image data
    JPG or DNG
  • json data

Important: the json data is the output produced by Microsoft Vision Software: you don’t have to import that data!
All the generated tags are stored in the original image (JPG or DNG), in an invisible part (exif data, IPTC keywords)

How to import my collection in Lightroom

My recommendation is, to import all the images with a different name:
Click Import
On the right side: File Renaming, Rename Files, Shoot Name – Sequence:
e.g. taggerbizImport, Start Number 1’000

Then select the source to import:

Then: Please select a source

Import the files as usual

And then add the imported collection to your collection with a name you like (e.g. in set “a Tagger Biz”) import_demo

How to use the tags in Lightroom

In Library View activate Text and Metadata

In Metadata add a new column left for the Keywords

Keyword Date and so on

Keywords Contains Words : for instance “pepper”

Keywords from left image
a_close_up_of_food_on_a_table, bell_pepper, bell_peppers_and_chili_peppers, bird’s_eye_chili, bush_tomato, capsicum, category_others_, cayenne_pepper, cherry_tomatoes, chile_de_arbol, chili_pepper, diet_food, dominant_colors_Green, dominant_colors_Red, dominantColorBackground_Green, dominantColorForeground_Red, food, fresh, fruit, habanero_chili, italian_sweet_pepper, jalapeao, malagueta_pepper, natural_foods, paprika, peperoncini, pepper, pimiento, plum_tomato, red_bell_pepper, serrano_pepper, tabasco_pepper, tomato, vegetable, yellow_pepper